Noir Reads Subscription Box – Did You Subscribe?

Earlier this month I heard about a new monthly subscription box, Noir Reads, which promises to deliver great Black Authors to your front door each month. Their site says, about the books:

Noir Reads is simple and easy way to read Black literature to develop or deepen your understanding of Black culture & the Black experience by introducing readers to writers of the Diaspora and engaging in dynamic discussions with a growing private online community.”

The box will contain 2-3 books as well as a reading guide and access to an online book club. I LOVE this idea. I’m a huge fan of subscription boxes, but because I’m in Canada and the majority of them seem to originate in the USA, shipping can be prohibitive. While this box was way more cost friendly then most I’ve seen (at $35 per month), the shipping was still expensive to Canada ($25 – sad face). For that reason I didn’t sign up, but I’m curious – did you? It was open to only the first 200 subscribers and is now sold out, I’m interested to see if they will open it up to more subscribers, or if a separate access will be available to join in the book club.

One of the main goals mentioned by the co-founders (Zellie Imani and Derick Brewer) is to foster community and a deeper understanding. The February theme and books have been announced, and they are both books which I already own, so I’m glad for that reason that I didn’t subscribe.

I am going to try to make sure to read the books each month that they select, as I love the premise and am going to be making even more of an effort this year to read diversely. February’s theme is From Black Lives Matter to Black Liberation and features Freedom is a Constant Struggle by Angela Davis (which I read earlier this month) and From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation by Keeanga Yamahtta-Taylor (which I ordered earlier this month and is expected to arrive tomorrow).


2 thoughts on “Noir Reads Subscription Box – Did You Subscribe?

  1. Jenny @ Reading the End

    This looks awesome! I’m limiting myself to the one subscription box I currently use, which is Birchbox and is very affordable, but oh my GOSH it is the best to get things in the mail every month. Fingers crossed that subscription boxes take off in Canada soon — I want y’all to get to experience them for a reasonable amount of money!

    1. amymckie Post author

      I’ll have to take a look at Birchbox Jenny! It’s sad that shipping is expensive to us up here in Canada, but at the same time… paying for a box and getting a book I already own wouldn’t be ideal either. I did the Book Riot box a couple of times and did get a few duplicates which makes it less exciting.


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