A bit of history to start with:

I started blogging about books in January 2010 at amckiereads.blogspot.com, and very soon moved to amckiereads.wordpress.com. In 2014, I moved to amckiereads.com on the WordPress.org platform. Not confusing at all, right? I didn’t move over all of my old posts, they remain on my wordpress.com site, which does cause confusion (it receives WAY MORE traffic than my new site does, hah). I reviewed regularly until about mid-2013 when I got a bit more… sporadic, before mostly going offline for the past couple of years.

Now that we have that out of the way… Who am I?:

I am a thirty-something voracious reader, living in Toronto, Canada. I’m originally from Prince Edward Island, in Canada, and have zero regrets about moving to the big city (in 2011). I live with my boyfriend, and we have two adorable cats (fun story – years ago at Book Expo I met and fell into bestest friend love with another blogger, and I got the kittens from her while visiting her in Florida!). Outside of reading, I love documentaries and travel. I’m an avid Pokemon Go player. I love board games and TV nights with my girls – where they are introducing me to all of the best 1990s/2000s teen TV from Buffy to Angel to Veronica Mars. I embrace my nerdness with open arms.

I strongly identify as a feminist, and approach my reading and posting the same way I approach my life – cognizant of my various privileges and always trying to maintain a critical lens.

And what do I read:

I read non-fiction, fiction, comics, graphic novels. I gravitate (for fiction) to world fiction and “literature”, science fiction and fantasy, urban fantasy, and even some romance and cozy mysteries these days. In general, I gravitate toward women authors, and make a concerted effort to read diversely – own voice works from authors of colour and GLBTQ authors.  I am especially critical of unnecessary and poorly handled rape scenes.

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